Student's Service Program

Duta Wacana Christian University

Student’s Service Program (SSP) is a program in which students will learn to know different culture from its language, customs, history, and people. Students will also learn to understand themselves better and know their place in the world.

This program is divided into two main activities namely acquisition and cultural recognition. The service assignments that students should undergo are supposed to build up their language skill and knowledge on the culture. In order to do so, students will have to learn Bahasa Indonesia which is quite easy to master. However, it should be understood in terms of local dialect. For that reason, learning Bahasa Indonesia is closely related to learning the culture of local people.

Program Outlines

  1. Language Study
    The language acquisition program will be conducted by Language Training Center - DWCU. For the first two weeks, students will follow the orientation program and Indonesian Language and Cultural Class (ILCC). Students will learn and practice Indonesian both inside and outside the class. Through one-on-one program, Indonesian students will help in practicing Indonesian outside the class. The aim of giving foreign students an Indonesian partner in their first two weeks is to help them adjust to the new environment and also for safety consideration.

  2. Lectures
    Lectures are designed and structured to be compatible with the excursions or field trips. The course delivery will be from some fields of studies that provide insight for students about Indonesian culture and society.

  3. Service Assignments
    Students will do service assignments on places where they can work as apprentice or social workers. Some places that might be suitable for them are NGOs, orphanages, nursery, and home industries.

  4. Workshop
    Workshops are designed especially for art and music. At the end of the program, students are expected to exhibit their artwork and stage performance to show their skills in Indonesian performing art.

    The proposed workshops are :
    > Puppet making
    > Gamelan instrument
    > Javanese Dancing (Classic and Modern)
    > Earthware Crafting
    > Silver Crafting
    > Leather Crafting
    > Angklung (Bamboo music)

  5. Excursions and Field Trips

    Excursions and field trips are designed to be the extensions of the lectures given at class. It is meant
    to give students the real space that they can explore. Suggested places are :

    1. One Day / Half Day Excursion
    > Pilgrimage places (e.g. Sendangsono-Catholic, Borobudur-Buddha, Bayat-Moslem, Parang Kusumo-Javanism)
    > Sangiran Dome (Prehistoric site)
    > Buddhist and Hindu Temples
    > Sultan’s Palace
    > Museums
    > Merapi Volcano (trekking)
    > Home Industry in Villages such as Batik, earthware, traditional food
    > Salak (snake-skin fruit) Plantation

    2. Field Trips (An Overnight Stay)
    > Dieng Plateau (Archaeological Site, Mushroom Plantation, Steam Power Plant) - Wonosobo - Pagilaran (Tea Plantation)
    > Demak (Old Islamic Court City) - Jepara (Traditional Handcraft Furniture) - Semarang (Sam Poo Kong / Old Chinese Shrine)


As the goal of this program is to give the best experience for students about the local life, students will live with their host families most of the time. Coordinator will stay separately from the students. During the program, students will stay in university dormitory.

The host families will come from various religious background as well as social background. They preferably will be chosen from families who are in terms of economics and educations are in the middle level. The life of other levels of society will be indirectly observed and studied on the other activities.

01 : DWCU Dormitory
02 - 11 : Host Family
12 : DWCU Dormitory

Student's Service Program Leaflet can be download in Download Center.

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Start date : 2015-01-01 00:00:00
Due date : 2015-12-31 00:00:00


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