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Scranton Women's Leadership

Scranton Scholarship for those in an undergraduate degree program in one’s own country provides young women from developing countries worldwide with opportunities for higher education. The scholarship is given on the basis of need and is awarded to the schools that recommend eligible students for the scholarship.

The Scholarship was created in 2008 by the Scranton Women's Leadership Center located in Seoul, Korea. The Center is committed to empowering women to live up to their full potential and leadership with human dignity so that they may contribute to the betterment of their own communities and the world.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Scranton Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Applicants should to be a young woman (18-30) committed to being a leader and have a strong desire in making a difference in one's own community and the world.
  • Applicants should be the students who are recommended by the president of her school.
  • Applicants should be a 2nd year student or higher in undergraduate studies within her own country, and the school that the applicant applies from should be partner institution of Scranton Women’s Leadership Center based on the recommendation from the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.
  • Applicants should have received a grade point average of B (or equivalent to B) or higher in the previous year in college.
  • Applicants should to be able to prove financial need.

Undergraduate Scholarship Covers Tuition Fee Only

How Can You Apply?

If you are the student who is recommended by the president of your school, you may submit your application for the Scranton Undergraduate Scholarship through our website.

or you can check the Application Form in Download Center.

*Please note: It is accessible during the recruiting period only.

Application materials are as below:

  • Application Form (Photo)
  • Personal Essay (2-4 pages, double spaced, typed)
  • Official Transcript of previous year/s in college
  • College/University President's recommendation letter

Responsibilities as a Recipient

Undergraduate scholars are required to share their ideas, life stories, and updates throughout their studies with other young women who are in various Scranton Center’s programs and activities for support and empowerment. Updating and posting their stories will help them to continually receive the scholarship in the upcoming years. This can be done through Scranton Center’s website. (More information will be provided upon acceptance).

Special Opportunity

  • Scranton Scholars are eligible to apply to leadership programs and events in Korea offered by SWLC. These events help enhance one’s leadership skills and provide the opportunity to network on a global scale.
  • Undergraduate Scholars will be given priority for consideration for the Scranton Graduate Scholarship.

More Information

  • Scranton Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded on an academic year basis.
  • Students may reapply each year if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • The school is mutually responsible in encouraging the scholar to maintain their communication and responsibility with Scranton Center.
  • Once scholars are selected, SWLC will send the scholarship to the school directly.
  • If you need more information, you can email to

Scranton Women's Leadership Center

Scranton Women's Leadership Center is the program office of American Methodist Korean Women's Mission Foundation. The Foundation originated from United Methodist Women, the United Methodist Church. Mrs. Mary F. Scranton was the first woman missionary sent to Korea by the American Methodist Church. In 1886, she founded the first girls' school for modern education in Korea. SWLC intends to continue our heritage by empowering women to be leaders through education.

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