Monday, 11 September 2017

We, Firdaruma Rejina Almanis (Product Design Department) and Putu Tirzy Enjelica (Medical Department), are happy to be elected to represent Duta Wacana Christian University (DWCU) in this program on Monday, June 26th 2017. We joined Global Leadership Camp (GLC) at Hanseo University, South Korea from 28th July until 4th July. The theme for this year GLC is “Leader in the Future Society”. In this program we learned how to be a good leader, what characteristic that a good leader should have, and to be a good leader in the future leadership.

Eighty students from Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, India, including foreign students that studying in Korea from Chinese, Bangladesh, etc joined Global Leadership Camp. The students were divided into 7 groups. Each group had their own color based on the colors of rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple). We also got different topics for each teams which are Responsibility (Red), Adaptability (Orange), Innovation (Yellow), Network (Green), Balance (Blue), Originality (Indigo), and Wisdom (Purple). All of the topics abbreviated as RAINBOW. Students from DWCU were in Blue Team and our topic was “Balance”.

Every night we discussed about our topicand presented it on 3rd July 2017. The first team discussion, we were talking about ourselves so we can get closer to each other in our team, and then why we wanted and joined this program. There were a lot of reasons like, “Because this is my last year, I want to experience something like this”, “I want to spread out my connection and learn about another culture”, “I want to learn to socialize to another people from another background as me.” The next thing we discussed was “What is the most important thing to be a leader in the future society?” There were so many ideas such as clever, confident, communication, global-minded, etc. We couldn’t found the most important thing, because “most” means only one thing that important than the other. In the end we agreed that the most important thing is balance like our team topic. Because without balance we cannot lead perfectly.Just like how clever a person is, if he/she cannot communicate his/her idea, it would be a waste.

From this program, we got a new family. Our team’s members are our family. They took care of us a lot, asked us if we were fine or not. They listened to our ideas or thoughts and paid a mind to it. We cheered on each other, laughing and smiling together, joking around and played together. Every night we had a little party for our team, ate chips, pizza, chicken, pork, etc. Shared each other stories and cultures, and we even learnt a little bit about Korean and Indonesian language. On the last day, 4th July 2017, we were given a chance to perform Indonesia Culture which are “NembangJawa” (Javanese), Bali Dance (Balinese), and sang Indonesian National Song, Indonesia Pusaka. We were the only one who performed our country culture, Indonesia. 

Global Leadership Camp taught us how to be a good leader. We need to learn to have an adaptability and open-minded skill, because the participants came from many different countries, cultures, thoughts, and backgrounds. How we overcame the differences between us. We got new friends, new families, new connections from another countries not only from Indonesia. We hope our connection will help us a lot in the future.

Not only about GLG, we also learnt to move fast because in Korea everything they do, they do it fast. At first we were not familiar with Korean Culture that always do everything quickly, discipline, tidy, and polite. However, after we were comfortable with Korean culture we tried toapply it in our daily lives until now. We will not forget the valuable experience while in South Korea. We believe that someday we will return there or even go to other countries and learn more and useful things for our lives. Thank you Duta Wacana Christian University for trusting us, FirdarumaRejinaAlmanis and PutuTirzyEnjelica, and gave us the opportunity to presents Indonesia and our beloved University, DWCU.