Scranton Scholars Leadership Program 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

“From Asia with love” was one of the workshop’s themes of Scranton Scholars Leadership Program 2017 (SSLP 2017) in Seoul, South Korea, which were held on July 10th-15th 2017. This theme summarized all of the stories being told during this program and represented participants coming from different parts of Asia. Duta Wacana Christian University was one of the universities in Asia that participated in SSLP 2017. Six DWCU students were chosen to participate in this program: Jeannette Josephine Mintardjo (Theology 2014), Maria Nia Yaniarti (Biotechnology 2013), Dorti Lusiana Tampubolon (Management 2014), Rachel Angella Pelle (Accounting 2014), Stephanie Maria Budianto (Management 2013), and Gan Edytia Noer Cahyani (Biotechnology 2013).

This particular journey was a life-changing experience. For some of us, this trip was our first time travelling abroad and it gave us a glance at the world outside Indonesia. For the others, this was a good opportunity to put ourselves in others’ shoes, giving us new perspectives that originated from different parts of Asia. We gain a new understanding of how Asian people share a lot of similarities in our history and life experiences. In addition, we also get a new perspective regarding our own country, Indonesia. Many of us, including our friends, think that Indonesia is not a great country compared to the others in Asia and this affects our pride as its citizens. However, we soon learn that even developed countries such as Korea had their own dark times. During the program, we visited several historical places such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheongwadae (The Blue House), and National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. These places gave us a good insight on how Korea progresses throughout the eras. At one point, Korea was even labeled as one of the poorest countries in the world. That being said, the most important thing to do is to rise above the doubts that we inherit from the colonial era, which is a common history in Asian countries, and do our best contributing to the development of our own country.

Through this program, we realize the importance of having a good balance of desire between wanting to be the best in what we do and making a healthy relationship with our friends who also have their own desires. Now we know that by helping others’ win, we also become winners. To make it happen, we need action instead of mere passion. By being an Indonesian as well as an Asian, we are called to contribute in spreading the importance of being a good leader and a winner for both ourselves and the society. It is not about who is ahead and who is left behind. It is not about how much our country makes but how hard we work and act in unison within our communities based on our passion to be a great country far from discrimination, war, ecology and economy crisis instead. The important thing is to let our knowledge and the spirit that lives within us create as big of an impact as possible for a better quality of life. Finally, it is crucial to do it all out of love, just like the love that our family, friends, and God give us throughout our lives.