The Third Joint Seminar on Global Leadership with Hanseo University

Monday, 11 September 2017

For the third time, Duta Wacana Christian University (DWCU) and Hanseo University, Korea conducted a Joint Seminar on Global Leadership at DWCU campus. The theme of this seminar was "The Most Important Thing for Future Leadership", conducted on August 4th, 2017. The seminar took place at Harun Seminar Room, Hagios Building 3rd Floor. Hanseo University students along with their supervisor, Prof. Won Kweon Jang, and Prof. Lee Kang Sub together with DWCU students and lecturers eagerly participated in this seminar. The purpose of this seminar was to nurture the leadership skills by sharing their thought and experiences about how to be a good leader.

Both DWCU and Hanseo University have selected their representatives to deliver their ideas and to share their experience in leadership. The representatives from DWCU were Firdaruma Rejina Almanis (Product Design, 2016), Putu Tirzy Enjelica (Medicine, 2016) and Kristian Oentoro, S.Ds., M.Ds. (lecturer of Product Design), who previously participated in 2017 Global Walk - Global Leadership Camp  at Hanseo University, South Korea. Rejina Almanis and Tirzy Enjelica shared their experience when joining program in Korea and how it helped them to improve their leadership skills. Meanwhile, Mr. Kristian Oentoro shared about how to prepare yourself to becom a good leader. In this seminar, three students from Hanseo University also shared their ideas about leadership. One of the things they pointed out was about servant leadership.