Traveling the World with Scholarship

Monday, 10 June 2019

Winning scholarship for studying abroad might be a dream for many people. Studying overseas offers students the chance to create a global network of friends and taking in different outlook to the world that will broaden their horizons. Breaking cultural and language barriers can help one to grow not only personally but also professionally and gain real-life skills to succeed in a harsh competition of working world. Traveling and studying abroad are costly, but there are scholarship opportunities for those who want to fight for it.

The path of winning scholarship abroad can be a long fight and needs lots of preparation. To provide a room for students, lecturers, and other “scholarship hunters” to enrich their knowledge and discuss about the preparation needed for applying scholarship abroad, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) through its Office of International Affairs (OIA) joined hands with Mini Akademi in conducting Seminar on Preparation of Study Abroad Scholarship. Took place at Rev. Harun Hadiwijono Seminar Room on Saturday, April 27, 2019, the seminar consisted of two sessions. The theme of the first and second session were “Traveling the World with Scholarship” and “Road to Ph.D.” respectively. While the first session targeted undergraduate students who were interested to pursue their master’s degree abroad, the second one was designed for lecturers aim for their doctoral degree.

Invited as the speaker in this seminar was I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D., a lecturer at the Department of Geodetic Engineering who also serves as the Head of the Office of International Affairs Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). Andi received Australian Development Scholarship (ADS/AAS) for his master’s degree at University of New South wales (UNSW) and Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) for his Ph.D. at University of Wollongong, Australia. As speaker, blogger, and author, his name is quite well known among the “scholarship hunters” for his books and other works on scholarship-related topics. “We are happy that we can finally invite Pak Andi to UKDW to share about his experience,” said Arida Susyetina, S.S., M.A., the Director of OIA in her opening remark.

Starting his session, Andi mentioned that nowadays, there are more scholarship opportunities for studying abroad. “At least there are three sources of scholarship if you want to pursue your study abroad, which are from our government, the destination country, and the university you want to go,” he added. Several things he pointed out in the first session including the steps and tricks to increase the chance of winning scholarship, things to be prepared and considered in university enrollment and applying for scholarship, how to increase TOEFL or IELTS score, and doing part time job while studying abroad. “Winning scholarship abroad opens many opportunities to travel the world, ” said the author of Rahasia Beasiswa Australia and Inspirasi 4 Musim as he shared his experience participating in international conference around the world when he was studying in Australia.

Talking in the second session, the man who served as the Advisor to President of Somalia for maritime boundary delimitation in 2013 stressed on how to prepare research proposal as well as finding and contacting professor in university abroad. “Originality, novelty, and priority are three keys to reckon with in scientific publishing,” he said. He added that Ph.D. is not the ultimate achievement, but a licence to conduct research.

Among the benefits of getting the scholarship abroad is the chance to travel the world as a door will lead to many more opportunities. Are you ready to explore the world? [drr]