Paving the Way for Collaboration between UKDW and NCKU Taiwan

Thursday, 05 December 2019

A group of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) professors visited Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) on Thursday, 21 November 2019. Taking place at Video Conference (Vicon) Room, the NCKU representatives were received by UKDW's Office of International Affairs, Faculty of Business, and Faculty of Information Technology.

The NCKU group was led by Prof. Pete Hei-Chia Wang, the chairman of the Department of Industrial and Information Management. Together with his colleagues, Prof. Jerry Chung-Chi Hsieh, Prof. I-Lin Wang, Prof. Wei-Shiun Chang, and Prof. Cheng-Han Wu, as well as two Indonesian students who are currently pursuing their Ph.D. in NCKU, he came to explore research collaboration potentials with UKDW. Prof. Wang mentioned the research interests range from Knowledge Management, Text Mining, Operation Research, Supply Chain Management, Decision Science, and many more. 

NCKU is a private university located in Tainan City, Taiwan. The university was established in 1931. "We have 9 colleges, 1,970 faculty members, and 20,000 students," said Prof. Wang introducing NCKU. Talking more specifically about the Department of Industrial and Information Management, he explained, "Currently, our department has 21 professors, 14 of them are full professors, five of them are associate professors, and the other two are assistant professors. Most of our professors graduate from the US and the UK."

To discuss more specific collaborations, the meeting was split into smaller groups based on the topic or area. The Dean of the Faculty of Business, Dr. Perminas Pangeran, M.Si. shared about UKDW's Master of Management, "In our program, we have four concentrations: Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, and Human Resource Management."

"We would like to explore the possibility of a joint degree with Taiwan university," he added. Dr. Singgih Santoso, MM, the Head of Master of Management and Drs. Sisnuhadi, MBA., Ph.D., the Head of Department of Management also joined the discussion.

At the same time, a discussion related to Information Technology was undergone. Trying to match what both universities have, Restyandito, S.Kom., MSIS, Ph.D., the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology said, "In our Information System Department, we have two concentrations: Enterprise Information System and Health and Medical Record Information System." The discussion highlighted on two prospects of collaborations. The first one is an internship or training for senior undergraduate students, while the second one is research collaboration between NCKU and UKDW faculty members. 

Meanwhile, young lecturers from the Faculty of Technology got the chance to gain more information about the Ph.D. program in NCKU and scholarship opportunities for studying in Taiwan. There are scholarships from the Indonesian government as well as the Taiwanese government. Besides, NCKU also offers scholarships for international students, Prof. Wang said. 

"Our scholarship includes tuition fee waiver and stipend. This year, the stipend is about $4,000 for master's students and  $9,000 for Ph.D. students. But the coming year, the stipend is increased, $8,000 for master's students and $15,000 for Ph.D. students," said the graduate of the University of Manchester. [drr]