Announcement of the Interview Selection – Fall Program: “Visual Ethnography”

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Based on the interview selection conducted on August 20, 20201, we are pleased to announce that these following UKDW students are accepted to join the 2021 Online Fall Program: “Visual Ethnography”

  1. Ariel Callista Chandra (Product Design)
  2. Celline Hadiwinoto (Product Design)
  3. Veronica Novianti (Informatics)
  4. Samuel Ariko Danang Putratiarno (Architecture)
  5. Tobias Togar Mebanua (Architecture)
  6. Dian Grace Wondiwoi (English Language Education)

Congratulations to the selected students!

Further arrangements will be communicated through email.

We would also like to thank all students who have participated in the interview selection. For students who have not been selected, please do not be discouraged, we hope you stay optimistic and eager to seek other opportunities for international experience.