KMOU Exchange Program (Fall 2023)

Friday, 24 March 2023

Korea Maritime & Ocean University (KMOU) is a prestigious national university for maritime study, transportation science, and engineering in South Korea and one of UKDW’s partner universities. It is located in Yeongdo-gu in Busan. The university is also known for having its whole campus located inside an island. The partnership between UKDW and KMOU has opened the opportunity for UKDW students to join KMOU incoming exchange program. This program is for students who wish to study at KMOU for one or two semesters and transfer credits to their home university after completing their study period at KMOU. To be an exchange student, candidates must be officially nominated by their home university.

Host University

National Korea Maritime & Ocean University
Website: (in Korean) / (in English)

Study Period 2023-2024

  • Fall 2023 : Beginning of September, 2023 to Middle of December, 2023
  • Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 : Beginning of September, 2023 to Middle of June, 2024
Note 1) Students must select one period between ① and ②
Note 2) Winter Vacation: Middle of December, 2023 to End of February, 2024

Eligibility for UKDW Students

  • Applicants must be enrolled at UKDW
  • Applicants must complete at least two semesters at UKDW
  • Minimum GPA 3.00 of 4.00 scale
  • Korean OR English language proficiency is highly recommended enough to take courses
※ Language test results are not required, but KMOU would prefer to scores
  • Applicants must be sound in physically and mentally during their study at KMOU


  • Applicants must choose one academic department considering their academic background or study fields at their home university. In addition, applicants would take other departments’ courses after consulting with KMOU OIA (Office of International Affairs).
※ List of academic departments: Download here
※ List of English courses(to be expected only): Download here
Providing information would be changed according to each major’s situation.
  • KMOU will provide Korean language courses(3 credits for one course). Students will be able to select their levels: Basic, Intermediate, OR Advanced.

Application Procedures

  • Applicants (UKDW students) submit application to no later than April 17, 2023
  • UKDW will review students’ applications and conduct interviews if needed
  • UKDW nominates candidates to KMOU OIA 
  • UKDW sends application documents to KMOU
  • KMOU OIA finalizes successful candidates after internal reviews with KMOU academic departments.
※ Note: KMOU will not guarantee all applicants’ admission. It could be depending on each academic department’s screening results.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline to UKDW: April 17, 2023
  • Final result announcement: May 17, 2023

Required Documents for Application

  • Application form: Download here
  • Statement of Purpose: Download here
  • Academic Records (Offical Transcript) in English
  • Passport Copy should be valid during study period at KMOU)
  • ID Photo File (jpg. or bmp, or png) with a size of 3.5×4.5cm
  • Student ID
  • ID Card (KTP)
  • Recommendation/Nomination Letter from Kaprodi

Scholarships (GKS)

★ KMOU will not guarantee that you receive the scholarship.
① Scholarship Name : GKS(Global Korea Scholarship) by NIIED, Korean government
② If applicants wish to apply for this scholarship, please mark your intention on the
application form
③ Qualifications (Required)
▸Applicants must be enrolled in their home university.
▸Applicants must complete at least two semesters in their home university.
▸Applicants’ C.G.P.A. would be recommended as 2.91 on 4.50 scale or above.
※ 2.91 of 4.50 scale OR 2.80 of 4.30 scale OR 2.64 of 4.00 scale
▸Applicants must have an overseas nationality, NOT Korean.
▸Applicants must NOT receive the same scholarship before this application.
▸Applicants must NOT study at Korean universities at the same time as this application.
④ Scholarship Period : September 2023 to December 2023 (4 months)
⑤ Scholarship Details
▸Round-trip flight fares ▸Settlement Allowance(KRW 200,000/Once)
▸Living Expenses (KRW 500,000 for one month)
▸National Health Insurance Fee
★ After selecting candidates at KMOU, we will provide prescribed forms and the list of required
documents to candidates later.
Note) KMOU will recommend candidates to NIIED. NIIED will make the final decisions after
their second screening procedures.

Download Application Materials

You can also download the application materials here.

More Info

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